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Short Term Medical (STM) insurance provides temporary health coverage for individuals during transitional periods, such as job changes or waiting for long-term plans. It offers essential medical services and flexibility in coverage duration, typically ranging from 30 days to 12 months.

With flexible durations and essential medical services coverage, it ensures timely access to care during transitions. It safeguards financial stability and provides peace of mind when traditional long-term plans might not be immediately available.

Features of Short Term Medical

Temporary Coverage for Gaps

Short Term Medical insurance offers a solution for those experiencing gaps in health insurance coverage due to life changes, ensuring they remain protected during transitional periods.

Flexible Duration

With coverage ranging from 30 days to 12 months, individuals can tailor Short Term Medical plans to fit their specific needs, providing financial and health security during uncertain times.

Effortless Application

The streamlined application process of Short Term Medical insurance means quick access to coverage without extensive paperwork, ensuring peace of mind when time is of the essence.

Affordable Premiums

Compared to traditional health insurance, Short Term Medical plans often come with more affordable premiums, making quality healthcare coverage accessible without straining your budget.

Extensive Provider Network

Short Term Medical insurance comes with a wide network of healthcare providers, allowing policyholders to receive care from a diverse range of medical professionals and facilities.

Essential Medical Services

Coverage encompasses essential medical services like doctor visits, emergency care, and prescription medications, ensuring that individuals have access to crucial healthcare resources when they need them most.

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